Tyrrells secrets finally revealed!

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a world-beating chip, then wonder no longer. On this page, we’ll show you how. One minor caveat: do keep it under your hat, won’t you? Trade secrets and all that.

Tyrrells secrets finally revealed!

Local potatoes

We’re proud Herefordshirians (is that a word?), so we use potatoes from local farmers, our favorites being the rather aristocratic and delicious Lady Rosetta and Lady Claire. They’re the names of the potatoes, not the farmers – just to be clear. If you’d like to know which one you’re munching on, just have a goosey at the little panel on back of the bag!

Made the proper way

Like all the finest whiskies, our chips are made the old fashioned way: by hand, in small batches. Sounds a bit fancy pants, but all we really do is take some top-notch potatoes, slice them up, give them a bit of a sizzle in a big frying pan and then a shake in one of our natural seasonings.

Naturally Delicious

Potato chips this special call for top-notch seasonings. We take proper ingredients, dry them, then expertly mix them up to make our lip-smacking recipes. Yes, that’s right: when you crunch into a Mature Cheddar chip, that’s real mature cheddar you’re tasting!

Skin on

Peeled potatoes are fine for mash, but for making chips? A thousand times “No”. Well, that’s where the flavor and goodness is!

Thick cut

Nothing satisfies the soul quite like the colossal crunch of a proper thick-cut chip. Scientific fact!

Nothing Artificial

MSG, disodium 5, E-numbers: we wouldn’t dream of using any of them. (We don’t even really know what they are!) No, all our ingredients are completely and utterly natural, with no silly nonsense whatsoever

Farm spun

The moment they leave the fryer our chips go into our Big Spinny Thing™. It’s basically like a huge tumble drier that drives off any extra oil, and it makes our chips even crunchier.