Our Secrets Revealed…

We pride ourselves on bringing together first-rate flavors and peerless potatoes. We like to do things a bit differently than most, here’s how…

brace yourself, we’re on the final furlong!

Local Potatoes

We use top-notch potatoes from farms across the US. If you’d like to know which variety you’re munching on, just have a goosey at the little panel on the back of the bag!

No Funny Business

No iffy ingredients and certainly no strange additives. Potato chips this special call for proper seasonings, expertly mixed up to make our lip-smacking recipes.

Thick Cut

Nothing satisfies the soul quite like the colossal crunch of a proper thick-cut chip. Scientific fact!


In our book there’s only one way to cook chips, and that’s by hand. Each batch is given special treatment to create super-curly, characterful chips.

Skin On

Peeled potatoes are fine for mash, but for making chips? A thousand times “No”. Well, that’s where the flavor and goodness is!

Small Batch

Like all the finest whiskies, our chips are made the old fashioned way: in small batches. It’s the best way to make sure every bag tastes as splendid as the last.

Farm Spun

The moment they leave the fryer our chips go into our Big Spinny Thing. It’s basically like a huge tumble drier that drives off any extra oil, and it makes our chips even crunchier.

how's that for different?